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Investment Knowledge and Expertise within the Income Investment Assets of multifamily, tax liens, NNN, and REITs.

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Looking to help guide investors who want to learn how to grow their income investment portfolio in various asset classes. Looking to help incubate real estate operating companies that need assistance with business model and crowdfunding expertise.

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Ankit Duggal commented on Ankit Duggal's blog post Syndicating your way to a deal!

I know a good attorney who can help with PPM and syndication efforts at Saul Ewing. If you need a referral shoot me a private message.

Ankit "
Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Abdul Rasheed's discussion Trustee/Sheriff Sales - How to find and attend?

Take a read on this blog post to help give some clarity to your question:

Happy Investing
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Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Danielle L. Brodnax's discussion Need heating cost advice in regards to multi familiy properties
"It really depends on whether the heat is gas or oil? If the asset has gas heat then you can expect during tough winter months to cost you about $500-$650 per month. Oil heat is much more variable so if you build in $700-$900 for the winter months…"
Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Travis Cotter's discussion 17 Unit condo bulk sale, Asbury NJ
Do you have a project setup and cost estimation of how much is needed to finish the unfinished units? Are all the units within one building? 


Ankit "
Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Richard H.S. Yun's discussion Bank foreclosed home, why so cheap?
"How is it so cheap (or is it not cheap?) ?-> Richard the cheapness of an asset is a relative measure. As Nick adequately pointed on his post that an asset's nominal dollar price has nothing to do with its relative cheapness. 

How much does it cost…"
Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Ethan Borshansky's discussion Holding partnership with management
"I really think it depends on whether you offer a preferred rate of return to your capital partner and how your waterfall structure is setup. If there is a preferred return then you should be able to hire a property management firm and charge that to…"
Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Avani Parikh's discussion Has anyone negotiated short-sale on a property with 6-7 liens?
"Nick is right as it is a pain and be ready to pay them off the HUD. I would allocate a long negotiation process to make this deal workout so be sure that it is worth your time and effort as time is money so spend that wisely would be my other…"
Sep 24, 2019
Ankit Duggal replied to Shea Stringert's discussion Utility Cost Averages Questions for Jersey City Area
"1) Do you put into the expenses any cost for snow removal? If so how much?
Here are my rules of thumb on it. I would be putting in annual expenses for both snow removal and grass cutting if you do not have a handy tenant in one of the units. I would…"
Sep 24, 2019