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Ampar Properties

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1) Short Sale Negotiations: Ampar Properties is specialized in negotiating short sales with banks. 2) Good returns: Ampar Properties also undertakes full project management - from locating properties to negotiating to closing and marketing (rent or sell)

What I am looking for is... (be specific)

1) RE agents and Investors who have spotted properties but outsource short-sale negotiations to company 2) Apartment units (4-10 units) in Hudson/Bergen counties of NJ 3) Ardent Investors who have money but no time to research and invest in REstate.

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Avani Parikh replied to John Smith's discussion Can anyone recommend a property management company in Northern New Jersey?
"RER LLC is a local north jersey company good at property management, besides other investment stuff.
Try them out: 973.894.3004
Sep 24, 2019
Avani Parikh replied to Alric Burke's discussion Anyone's heard of Renatus?
"I happened to join a 'free' phone seminar where it looked like they were going to provide some useful info... All they spoke in those .5 hrs was 'What are the advantages of joining renatus'. Call was longer but I disconnected. 
And I found…"
Sep 24, 2019
Avani Parikh replied to Avani Parikh's discussion Has anyone negotiated short-sale on a property with 6-7 liens?
"Thanks for your inputs, Nick! Lets see how this goes! Nick Tang said:
Also, all junior lien holders normally get 1k to 10% of owed amount max. Also be open to paying them off the HUD as well."
Sep 24, 2019
Avani Parikh replied to Susan Winderman's discussion Need a rough idea of an estimate to add level
"A recent work on raising rear roof of cape cod, extending front dormer and adding walk in closet and quality bathroom was $55,000!

Of course, a lot depends on the property size and details, but I would assume within $110k if the property is a…"
Sep 24, 2019
Avani Parikh replied to Courtney Beckles's discussion Short Sale While In Bankrupcy Question
"You need 'letter of abandonment' from BK judge to carry on with the short-sale. The lender would need it."
Sep 24, 2019
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Sep 24, 2019