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  • Welcome Tawana.  Just saw your request from 2 months ago.  

  • Hi all. Does this title company service Northern New Jersey?

  • You're more than welcome.

  • Tawana:

    I have a great Title Company.  They can do back to back closes and very REI friendly.  I have a real good relationship with the President.  Their name is County Line Title Agency and are located in Point Pleasant.  You can ask for Ken McCarthy (President).
    Kind Regards,
    John Moreno
    cell (609)203-4926
  • Hello!

     How are you today? Thanks for requesting me as a friend. Its good to network  and maybe team up with others investor beginners of seasons.  I currently is working with an group of investor in the new york city area.  Good Stuff.

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Real Estate Investing Of NJ, LLC

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My husband and I are new at Wholesaling Investing, My husband Ralph is a Real Estate Agent/Wholesaler. We can provide inventory to any Investor!

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Network with like minded people, to learn more about Real Estate Wholesaling, looking for buyers and to partner for deals.