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  • Mr. James

    Please accept my apology…..I have been distracted by other activities.

    You sent an email recently but I have been unable to locate it in any of my folders and could not respond further to your generous offer.

    I understand that you have been in business ….partnering with other investors in rehab projects….for over 25 years. Can we talk or meet in the very near future….right after Labor Day?

    I have access to multiple real estate assets, due to my work in bulk sales; and, I get the information before anyone else has a chance to make offers….many of them are deep discounted properties.

    You can contact me by email:  or by phone: 973 923 3619.


    Fakeer Raheem

  • Thank you for adding me to your list of friends.

This reply was deleted.

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Enhance home improvements

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Enhance home improvements offer home owners and investors quality remodeling with cost effective solutions. We have over 30 years experience in the remodeling industry and we pride ourselves on doing it right the first time.

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Enhance home improvements are looking for investors that are in need of reliable, quality contractor that specializes in whole house renovations. We have over 30 years experience in the remodeling industry.