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  • I'm selling BEARPEN MOUNTAIN with OVER 600 ACRES OF LAND !! Only $8,000,000 Call Mike: 855-286-2251 Ext.100 we co-broke.

  • Hi Victoria,

    My name is Mike Allen.  I hope all is well with you!  I’m a RE Investor/Wholesaler out of B’klyn, NY that is currently building my buyers list.  I would like to know if you’re interested in buying in the B’klyn area.  If so, may I put you on my list, and would you please send me your preferences, price range and info on whether if you can close with cash or in timeliness?  If you’re not a buyer, may I know your RE specialty are, and may I put you on my contact list, at all, because I would love to establish a network relationship with you, either way?

    Take care and happy investing!  My email is  


    Mike Allen

  • Hardmoney



    Sorry it got to late tonight to call you back.  I am in all day tomorrow and i will call you  in the morning.




  • hello Victoria, how are you? I just got home from Brussels today and off to paris tomorrow

    I will be off on march 23 so I will attend the next meeting :)) Looking forward to see you there!


  • Sounds Gr8 looking forward to meeting you.
  • V - I will be in Chicago the day before...  but, I'm hoping to make it back in time for the meeting in the city.
  • Hi Victoria, where is the meeting going to be on Feb 23 in Manhattan?
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Keller Williams

What I have to offer is... (be specific)

Im a realtor working in Nassau County of Long Island and I can offer assistance to RE investors, i understand their needs. Im also a beginning RE investor and wil be offering wholesale deals.

What I am looking for is... (be specific)

Connect with professionals for RE investment, network with other RE investors, education