This group is made exclusively for Gold Pass members that have attended TriState Mixer's 1 Day Raising Private Money Workshop.

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Latest Update was on 8/14/2012

This group has been modified to serve the gold pass community. If you have any questions in regards to any of the material covered in this group, please post them in the discussion board.

- Raising Money Mind Map - Should be up by tomorrow

- Investor Qualification Form - Get every prospective investor that wants to invest in your projects to fill out this form before presenting them any specific deal or terms.

The documents below are used only if you are trying to put 1, 2 or 3 mortgages on a property.  These documents give investors different level of protection & interest

Lender Held Mortgage - Please record these docs aganist the house your raising for or else you'll be violating sec rules and regulation

Lender Held Note

I have another set of loan docs coming up tomorrow.
Everything below this section is for Syndications Only - Pooling of money where every investor has equal interest on the property & equal protection

- General Disclosure Agreement

- Subscription Agreement
- Form D File this within 15 days after you first accept private funds. You will need to file with the state as well, and filing fees will vary with each state. Note: The SEC no longer accepts paper Form D filings. You must use an “Edgar Service” to do this now.

- Form U-2 File this in each state you are operating in or pulling funds from.
** under major construction

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