This is Randy Kuhn's Private Rehab Group.  Please ask Randy on how to join the group.

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Welcome to the Group!!!

RFK Idemnification Insurance Agreement

Repair Estimate Sheet

Sample Scope of Work

Property Evaluation Notes Sheet

Contractor Meeting Interview Sheet

Change Order Form

W-9 Form

Payment Schedule Templete

Project Repair Estimate Form

Contractor Lien Waiver

Independent Contractor Agreement

75 Arlington Scope Of Work


MFS Appliance Pricing

MFS Cabinetry Price List

MFS Roofing price list

MFS HVAC price list

Group Contact info:

Randy Kuhn        908-510-2473,


Kevin Bender     973-610-5299

Reinaldo Ortiz   201-913-6456

James Yip          917-696-9572

Andy Madrid      917-652-6418

Abdul Rasheed   732-318-1101

Sheikh Peters     646-725-0889



Class Schedule:

Sat June 29:  Meeting Place - Capital One Building Jersey City

Intro and Breakdown of Rehabs in general.

Sat July 6:  Meeting Place - 182 McAdoo Jersey City Garage

Understanding Scope of Work -- 75 Arlingotn Jersey City to write up Scope of Work

Sat July 13: Wholesale Event

Sat July 20: East Orange Inspection

Sat July 27: Evaluate contractors bid for Arlington. Understanding Pricing. Price out work on Oraton.

***Visit a wholesale rehab 3 family in Newark ($110K) that just came in on 7/26/2013***



 Name Drop These Addresses when speaking to a realtor and/or a contractor:

114 Neptune Jersey City 6 Family

    We renovated 2 units, in the middle of 1 now and another one starts in like 2 weeks. we are gearing all our units to section 8 standards

75 Arlington Jersey City 2 Family

   You guys have seen this not too much to explain there

97 Oraton St Newark  3 Family...same thing you guys saw this


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  • confirming we r meeting tomorrow at McAdoo 10am
  • Randy, just sent you my SOW.

  • How are we doing on the Scope of Work?

    Does anyone have any questions on it, if so post them. Otherwise I am expecting it to be done by Thursday.

    Since we are meeting every other week, there is no class this weekend.


    I am also meeting Leo in East Orange tomorrow at 11am and am TRYING to see if I can get this other guy to come out as well around 12 if anyone wanted to come out. However, once I am done with them I have other things to do so I said ill let you know when I plan on meeting someone, but if any of you need to take off work for it, I am not sure if I would. This meeting can take all of 20 minutes in and out.


    Once the Scope of Works are done, I will send it to him/them to use as a guideline while they come up with their estimate.


    Additionally, if someone cancels, or needs to push a meeting back, id hate to feel responsible for making you miss work or wait around for a quick meeting.


    Email me your proposed SOW when you are done



  • Add a digital camera to that list if you have one

  • We are still on for this Saturday, 10 am McAdoo. Don't be late because we will not be staying there long. I have some things I want to review with you guys and then we are going to hit Randolph and Williams for a live exercise. we will also stop by Arlington briefly to see progression as they are doing the demo and clean out now.


    You all must bring a Note book, pen, tape measure and flash light if u can. This class will end with a homework assignment that I will give you 5 days to complete and send back in.


    So bring your A game

  • Are we meeting this Saturday, 8/24?

  • Guys,

    as I mentioned in the classes, you need to be out networking or getting people to know what you are looking to do. Remember u can feel free to use our experience if u need to as leverage, but we can go through the rehab process and if at the end you don't have agents bringing you deals or you are not out trying to find your own, its going to be tougher. Get the word out now, talk with people so when you are comfortable and ready there should be something for you to take action on.


    If you are going to start with wholesaling, make sure there are deals coming in for you to evaluate. we spoke about what you can do to start so make sure you are taken some type of action


    if you have questions or need some direction, post it


    hope all is well



  • Thanks for posting the info, but I didn't get your email blast at all.  See you tomorrow. 

  • Randy I hadn't received the text blast. Anyways see you all tomorrow.

  • I sent out a blast text earlier today, but same time same place as usual. 10am Mcadoo

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Contractors with skin in the game?

Randy,Is it possible to ask the contractor to have some skin in the game? I may want him to feel the same urgency that I may have. I may defer payment or make partial payment until I flip. I don't know if it is tough to do that. I think it is a good idea so you are more like partners.Thanks,Abdul

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Our email addresses

Hey guys,We know our contact numbers. I think it is a good idea to share our email addresses. Can you reply back to this post?Mine is:inza510@gmail.comMay be Randy can paste it against our phone numbers on the face page of this forum.Just a thought.Thanks,Abdul

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Cap rates in Newark and Jersey City?

Couple of questions:1. Aren't cap rates and hence the income-based approach the best way to figure out ARV (or market value) of an income-producing properties such as a multi-family? I know Randy covered the sales comps approach to figure the ARV. What do investors use?2. Anybody know what would be the market cap rates for multi-families in Newark and Jersey City, if there is such thing? How will one find out?Thanks,Abdul

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