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  • Yes,  What type of deals?!


    Thank you

  • Hi.  I don't know of any in your area.  I'm in the Washington DC area.  I'm currently trying to find a buyer for a property in the Virgin Islands.
  • Thank you, Roger and Gracie for extending, too me, an opportunity to join you guys in a professional friendship.  The New york city housing market as I know it, is tough and expensive. The Investors I work with are currently spending serious money in southern states, as well as Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, where people are conditioned to purchase rather then rent. However, if you both or a few of your investor friends care to look at some really profitable ventures in the Phila/New Jersey/ and Florida areas, please contact me.  One of my partners works for a bank that wholesales apartments buildings all accross this country.  I package some of these deals up and I have been sucessfull selling these opportunities to very agressive investors.  Currently, at the price you would pay for a residential property in New York, City, You could purchase a 10 to 20 unit apartment building.  In closing, read the sunday real estate sections of your home newspaper.  Look at the trends, it is very hard for certain people to secure a mortgage.  FHA and Conventional Banks are  not friendly anymore, this is causing people to seek a temporary rental situation [for at least a three year peroid] until they have saved at least 20% for a downpayment. My group here in Phila is pooling money from any/all sources to purchase rental properties in solid areas.  If we buy to flip, $60,000 is our maximum amount for purchase and rehab, these properties comp out at around $100,000 for re-sale. We have a great system in place to sell residential properties for $100,000 and under, in this economy, it works well.

    Peace/Love to you both.

    Cornell j. Covert

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roger gracie/beverly thoben posted a discussion
Nick.. It was a pleasure meeting you... Bev and I hope we can do deals with you in the future ..we know you are expanding your business and I want to be the one sending deals from new York .. I want to be under your arm pit learning everything you…
Sep 24, 2019