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Mark Fulop replied to DeAngelo Melone's discussion (Nick Tang) Wholesale Deals Structure/Contracts
When you find a property that you want to purchase I can pre approve you before you sign the purchase
agreement. Please watch my video perhaps I can assist you.
Mark Fulop…"
Sep 24, 2019
Mark Fulop replied to Chris Poitivient's discussion 90 Day no Flip question
It is hard to lock in a time to close because there is always some issue.
Conventional loans take 45-50 days
SBA loans take about 90 days.
If you have a particular scenario I could review it.
Please watch…"
Sep 24, 2019
Mark Fulop replied to Duane McCalla's discussion 6 Unit East Orange $149
Are you still looking for financing?
Mark Fulop
Sep 24, 2019