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Im am a new real estate investor, what i have to offer is honesty , enthusiasm, time , effort. Everday all day for the past months i have been reading everying about real estate investing and now i am trying to take the next step. By doing that what I will have to offer is Wholesale properties at a deep discounted price.

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Wholesalers who can give me mentor advice for a beginner like myself and rehabbers and cash investors willing to work with a beginner.. We all have to start somewhere and by giving things and people a chance.

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Gianna Cariffe replied to Nick Tang's discussion Foreclosures, Short Sales, Tax Foreclosures, Tax Liens Forum
"Im interested in a vacant home on a nice block but from the county records it looks like the home  tax liens on it. has anyone done an assignment deal on a property with tax liens?  let me know what you think."
Sep 24, 2019
Gianna Cariffe replied to Gianna Cariffe's discussion RSVP'ing for Events
"Thank you for the help answering all my questions on  here and the workshop page. Now im not confused anymore."
Sep 24, 2019
Gianna Cariffe posted a discussion
does anybody know how the rsvp's for events work? can i rsvp and then pay when i arrive at the event or do i have to order a ticket in order to attend?
Sep 24, 2019