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Welcome to the Group!!



Randy Kuhn 908-510-2473,


CONTRACTS -- Use these as you see fit

Contractor Meeting Interview Sheet

Quote Itemization Form

Project Repair Estimate Form

Indemnification Insurance Form

Independant Contractor Agreement

Change Order Form

Contractor Lien Waiver Form

75 Arlingotn Scope of Work 

MLS   User Name is 282823  Password is striker18    User Name Randolph Kuhn  Password is IBL18



1- Do NOT share this password with anyone under any circumstance.

2- When you try to log on, if a box appears saying "another session is logged on, do you want to terminate it", repsond with "NO". That means someone else is currently on and you have to wait until they are done. I may get fined is you boot someone off!!!

3- When you are done, please "Log Off" on the top right of the screen so that others have a chance to utilize the service.

4- Please limit your use at any given time to no more than one hour allowing others the chance to log on.

5- Please log off every hour at :55 minutes. This will allow someone else to log on between :55 and :10. If you go back on and it is free at :10, then you are free to use it.

I.E. You logged on at 1:25, do your work, then log off at 1:55. Wait til 2:10 and if no one else is using it, then you can go back on as no one else is trying to get on.


*****Tip*****: When you find whatever comps you want, select/check all the properties you want and email them to yourself through the email link so you will always know what you searched/found when you come back another time or another day and dont have to start all over.


This MLS is a priveledge i am extending to the group to make things easier for you and i expect you to respect these rules unconditionally.

Class Schedule:

Sat 10/20/2012: Understanding ARV

Sun 10/28/2012: Evaluting Homework ARV, understanding Scope of Work and Property inspection prep for understanding what to look for in a rehab and basic pricing.

Sun 11/4/2012: Class Canceled due to Hurricane Sandy

Thur 11/8/2012: Make Up Class - Inspection 2 Lynn Ct Edison NJ followed by Inspection 75 Arlington, Jersey City NJ. Taking Notes for Writing out Scope of Work homework assignment.

Sat 11/20/2012: Evaluate 24 Deerfield Sayreville. Check out 4 unit and 6 unit in JC for potential acquisition possibilities.

Sat 11/24/2012: POSTPONED due to lack of scheduling committment from Contractors and Agents.  Communicating with Contractors and Evaluation of potential crews

Meeting Place 97 Oraton Street or contractors Jobsites TBD

Sat 12/1/2012: Meeting in JC to review where we are at and go over interview sheets. From there go evaluate 3 multi family properties.

Sat 12/8/2012: 97 Arlington in JC. Schedule contractors to interview and bid on the properties scope of work. Possibly check out a property or two.


 ****NOTE**** No Class the weekend of Dec 22nd for Holiday



Home Work Assignments: (Please have this done for next class discussion)

10/21/2012: Determine ARV (After Repair Value) For the following properties

13 Goldstart Drive, Franklin Township, NJ

2521 Smith Street, Scotch Plains, NJ

Remember, identify the subject property first (check all status' and insert the specific address) and map it. Open another session by clicking on my name and search for the comps within the same vacinity.

Any questions, comments or if you forget a step, POST IT.



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  • Guys whats going on with your Scope Of Work  project?

    You were supposed to send it in, and I don't want to chase you guys for it as I am sure you have other things going on, but this is part of the class and will only help you as you move on.


    Are you guys networking with other investors or agents looking for deals to take down/flip. All these meetings wont do much if you aren't taking action on the deal acquisition side. If you have questions or are having issues, you know to reach out.



  • Sorry Guys, I have too much going on and not able to join you. But here is the good news. I have 19 turn key properties that I am rehabbing in Philly. If you are looking for good cash flow rentals below pp 50k and 700 to 800 per month do contact me 732 236 9317.

  • Guys

    Just checking in to see if you had any questions with your Scope of Work. If you have any ?s post them here, otherwise when you get done with your 1st written Scope of Work, email it to me so I can go over them.


    Hopefully I can just take what you came up with and send it to my contractors and have them bid the job based off of your efforts.



  • i am in

  • Friday we are meeting!

    Aside from Aciec, please all let me know who is in.

    I am going to give you guys a two tests, one on the 3 Family in Jersey city and if we can make it one on the 3 fam in east orange. This will eb on the Scope of Work and you will have to finish it over the week and submit it back to me when you think you are done. I will comment on it and let you know how you did. This is tough love time cuz I wont be easy on you guys.


    Arlington rehab started and they are just doing the cleanout part. permits should be submitted tomorrow.


    We will meet at McAdoo, but we will not be staying there and we will head right out. we will leave at 1030 sharp which gives us 30 minutes to review assignment so please don't be late


  • I am in..

  • Thanks Guys! I am tied up next couple of weeks. I will catch up with you all later.

  • Friday is fine with me !
    All Please confirm by Wednesday !
  • Guys,

    not sure if there was a mix up in day or if some of you just got tied up, but we are NOT meeting tomorrow Sunday 18th...all classes have been assigned to every other Saturday as we discussed earlier on.

    With that, I would like to have a class during the week this week.

    Can we meet on Friday? I want to have each of you do a specific exercise and I will try to make up a test for you. This way you can show me versus me show you.


    let me know availability for Friday on this thread so everyone else gets to see it as well



  • no...its today Saturday. we have been meeting on saturdays.
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Screening for Contractors -- 75 Arlington

Guys,As i explained at the end of last class, we need to schedule some contractors to come out and check out 75 Arlington, but before we do that you need to call some guys and talk with them on what some of their prices are like. We dont need to waste our time with someone who is trying to give us retail pricces.You need to let these contractors know in your conversation that you and your partners do a decent amount of rehabs and we are looking for another crew to bring on the team as we have a…

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Next Meeting Schedule

guys, As metioned i will be out of town this weekend (Saturday 11/17 and Sunday 11/18), so i am confirming now that there will be no class this weekend. We can aime for next Tuesday as a make up day, but since we spoke about what everyone really wants, i have to put in a little different type of effort to line up some potential deals for you guys to take down if interested. Since this was not the original scope for the class, i have to find time to do more work as a prep for the class, so…

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Meeting This thursday

Guys, since it was agreed upon to postpone last weeks class due to weather and gas issues, we can meet up this Thursday. We will try to get into Trinadhs property to do an informal inspection and scope of work as our exercise and from there we will go to either Newark or Jersey City.I will post more details as i get them, but just plan for the day for now. I will try to get us into another live deal where we can evaluate it and if need be make an offer to take it down.Hope all is well

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