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  • We're just getting started too. Looking to do some wholesaling on Long Island. One of my insurance customers is already doing it successfully, and the prospects look good!

  • Hi Victor,

    What is your area of operation?


  • Victor,

    How are you.  Let me know when we can talk.  Want to know how we can work together.  Whats your number?

  • Hi Victor, Thanks for the invite. Mark K.

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Company Name

Wholesale Dynasty

What I have to offer is... (be specific)

What I offer to "Motivated Buyers" is basically the opportunity to connect them to great deals on properties that are below market value either in specifics areas they are looking at as well as informing them of deals we get when they come in. Meeting their requirements on what kind of properties they are looking for, what they typically look to spend and how much properties they try to tie in and sell per year is what we focus on. Building rapport is essential when developing strong relationships.

What I am looking for is... (be specific)

I am looking forward to meeting and speaking with professionals who have experience as a Real Estate Investor. Regardless of what anyone's profession is networking will always be the key that can open the doors to more and more opportunities. I once was told that "Small doors can open into big rooms" and that's the mind set I have learned to acquire always.