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  • Hi Ms. Dronne

    Hope all is well. I too am an Investor/Rehabber in the Philadelphia area. Fortunately, i have a very good stream of buyers through my network of churches, however, I am in need of a few equity partners as I am looking to negotiate purchasing more distressed properties in very good condition with good profit margins.  If you ever consider investing out side the New Jersey / New York areas, please consider me.  I would be honored to meet and discuss some real possibilities in between a cup of coffee, in your environment.  

    Peace,  Cornell J Covert


  • Thanks Robin, sounds good. I mainly look for SFHs.
  • No problem Robin, we actually focus on Union county up to/through Bergen county, so if you ever have any deals in those areas, please keep us in mind.
  • Hi Robin, do you have properties or buyers in Westchester county? That is my main area of interest and I have inventory there, I buy directly from sellers. Please let me know, thanks!



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What I have to offer is... (be specific)

I am wholesaling in Central New Jersey and am looking for buyers to add to my list. I will be working with Vena-Jones Cox, as I have just completed her course and am a member of her inner circle coaching, so you can be sure that any property I bring to you will be completely vetted out by her as well. My other business is working for The Trump Network in Donald Trump's new networking marketing company. So if anyone is interested in keeping their options open for another stream of income (who isn't, right?) please let me know. :)

What I am looking for is... (be specific)

I am looking to network with buyers to add to my list and and learn as much as I can on my focus right now which is wholesaling in Central New Jersey.