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  • *~ Happy Birthday Bruce! ~*
  • Just had a great phone call with Sergio, he's in for Property shark subscription,

    who else joining the boat?

  • Hi Bruce  you asked me erlier if I can handle more tasks and the answer is roaring big YES.

    I distributed notes for 7 hours today, I got 7 voice mails so far. I am about to call them back.

    can you help me make a nice package with all the missing items? this package is a wondefull trust builder and delivers true value to the market place!

    ok shoot I am waiting

  • Hey Bruce,

          I gave this info to Nick already so I'll shoot it over to you also. Its the address in Merrick, NY about my buddies house which he doesnt own anymore. See what we can do with it. Thanks

     172 Sherman Ave.

    N. Merrick, NY 11566

  • Hey Bruce:

    We met at the NYC REI meeting the other nite....didn't recognize you at your picture.....hope to see you again.....

  • Thanks for quick response. Will be in contact.
  • Where are you located? Have run across a number of good looking short sale ops lately.
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