What I have to offer is... (be specific)

I come from a 4 year college in Washington DC while specializing in the finance field. I now work for an investment bank in NYC, with a focus on Asset Management. I currently have a strong passion, and I am anxious to learn about the real estate industry. I bring an unmatched energy and hunger for knowledge into this organization. When pairing the energy and hunger with my personality to work with others for common goals, I am able to be an asset to various situations.

What I am looking for is... (be specific)

I am looking to gain more knowledge and exposure within the real estate industry. I would like to network with a group of individuals with expertise in areas that I wish to grow in. In addition to learning more about the industry, I am interested in learning the real estate methods that work best in New York and New Jersey while also getting exposure to forums and events where deal makers convene.