Short Sale 2-Unit in Jersey City (117k)

This short sale deal is still in the works but I wanted to start spreading the word to just see if anyone is looking for something like this. Property is in good condition, despite being a short sale.

3 bedroom unit over 2 bedroom unit, not railroad.

Parking spot

Separate utilities

Renting for 1175 and 975. 

SOLD FOR $340,000 in 2008!

Taxes are 6k and can definitely be reduced further after sale.

New windows and siding.

Just curious to see who might be interested. More details soon. Please call... 201 855 9326.

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  • Hey Ethan

    Where do you stand with this?  Please email me at

  • Where are you on this Short Sale?

    my email is

  • Hi: I would like to bring this property to the attention of my partner although the short sale is not approved. Please email any details to or call 347-491-7890. Thank you.

  • Pl call to discuss. 732-803-1119.

    Rantik Parikh

  • Warner Ave, at Parnell Place
  • Where is it located

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